I recently grabbed my DS Lite off the shelf for the first time in a few years and remembered I was having an issue with it before. It takes and holds a charge fine, but it takes several tries sometimes to get the system to turn on or off. However, I noticed if I put pressure around the top right part between the power light, power button, and face buttons, it will sometimes trigger it to turn on or off. A lot of times pressing the X button will trigger the system to shut off. I can then get the system to turn back on by pressing the X button again. It seems like some kind of short but I'm not sure what to try to look for. This is on the opposite side of the system of the top LCD ribbon cable connector.
Anyone have any advice? The system is in excellent shape so I'd like to get it working again. As it is, I can't reliably play it as it constantly wants to shut off. If I give it a full charge, turn it on and unplug it but just leave it on my desk without touching it, it will stay on for a long time so the battery is fine I know.

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