So me and my parents have been searching for answers on why I couldn't play online on ps3 with even parental set off from the PlayStation website and in the console. I have seen more people had this problem but is there any solution? I could just make another master account so I can play online but I care about my in-game progress and friends. I've made a huge progress in all games I own but if I have a new account I'll need to switch again to play single player in games. And then I will need to migrate all my friends to my new account and that can be a hassle if you have like 29 active friends you are playing wirh. So has anyone already found a solution on this? BTW this doesent only happen Pegi 18 rated games but also on all other Pegi ratings (excluding Minecraft for some reason that does let me play online?) I can't play games like PvZ GW that is a Pegi 7 rated game same for all the Need For Speed games I own and even Skate 3! This is really annoying! Thanks in advance for any answers!

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