I think the issue might be the test service button or something like that being burnt out because I can manage to get the game. But in a weird way. The game would only boot with the I/O expansion plugged in, but I cannot use the joystick I have that is plugged into my supergun or access the test menu pressing the test service button on the back of my supergun, it's as if the joystick and the service buttons don't work. If I take off the I/O expansion when the Atomiswave is on and the game is already loaded, I can just press the start button and I can play the game normally as complete functionality returns to the joystick and i can go into the test menu by pressing the test service button. If I were to turn on the Atomimswave without the I/O expansion slot plugged in, it would always go straight into the test menu and i can't get into the game at all.

So in order to get into the game and play it, i have to boot up the atomiswave with i/o expansion plugged in, then pull it off once the game is loaded. I have to do this everytime which is a minor annoyance. If i start up the game without the I/O expansion plugged in, it will just boot to the test menu as stated above.

When i'm in the test menu, I can see that all the buttons are set to the OFF position and will change to ON when the proper button is pressed. So i think the issue has something to do with the test service being burnt out.

I also have zero knowledge and skills when it comes to soldering and the such.

The game i'm playing is King of Fighters XI
The supergun I have is the slingshot model that I bought from D-Lite from the neo-geo forums