Part 5:
Part 6:
Part 7:
As before, everyone can rank their faves how they want to based on a selection of the 50 or so top user rated games from that year on various database sites (~3/5 or 7.5/10+, 20+ votes). You can download a pic when finished without logging in and post it here, or post a text list if you want. I'll post once every third day or so until it's done, maybe a bit more frequently for these first parts since the games aren't as numerous nor as well remembered.
I'm going by original release dates and mostly original versions of games unless there's a consensus about a port being better or it's significantly different like Rygar on NES for example - if not you can see the original version as a catch-all for other versions.
You can also vote for games not on the templates to be added, and if there are 5+ votes I'll add them.

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