I finished this art project for New Ghostbusters 2 in July of last year, I realized I haven’t posted this one here yet and I figured I’d share it for those that may be interested in this sort of thing.

As some may know, I’m obsessed with Nintendo cabinets...and I also happen to be obsessed with the idea of making NES games into arcade games. I love cars too....so I’m currently working on a series of 80s movie car/arcade cabinets. In addition to this Ecto1 cabinet, I’m working on cabs for a couple other iconic 80s car themes (thanks Adam G). So look for those in the future (pun intended).

Anyways....in 2018 I decided I really wanted to make a cabinet for a really cool HAL game released in Europe we never got over here called New Ghostbusters 2. The NES games we got for Ghostbusters here were really terrible, so when I discovered this version I thought it would be fun to design and hand build a cabinet for it.

As all my designs, I built this cabinet from scratch....I added cool details by hand sculpting a Ghostbusters logo for the speaker grill. I also created a containment unit for the coin door using a reproduction Nintendo coin door as the base. The cabinet is painted in automotive urethane, and hand polished to give it max shine. The ECTO1 roof rack and accessories are also handmade, created mostly from MDF and finished to look like metal. I then created all the artwork myself, from scratch....creating cartoon likenesses of the Ghostbusters team. The artwork was then embossed, by hand with chrome accents and highlights with a little “Cadillac” flavor.

The ECTO1 topper is fully functional, and is programmed to turn on intermittently...along with wig wag and flashing lights, the distinct ECTO1 siren comes on. HUGE thanks to the talented CraftyMech for programming and writing code to make this part of my dream reality. His electronics work was incredible and super clean. Also, this cabinet does “coin up” and the coin mechs are functional thanks to TSB and his Playchoice One NES to arcade adapter.

Anyways, here are some pics. I’m pretty happy with how it turned out...I’ve got about 500 man hours into this one. HUGE thanks to KLOV members Craftymech and TSB for their help in this one. Also, I realize that Marshmallow man wasn’t in Ghostbusters 2...but I had to draw him in my artwork....honestly, he’s the reason I wanted to make this cabinet. Haha. Thanks for looking my friends, have a great weekend. Sam