So, maybe it's just my own personal streak of bad luck, but I've ran into a number of what I'm calling 'spoilers' over the last few months - people who, unable to afford a game themselves perhaps, decide to spoil it for everyone else by telling the seller they shouldn't sell for their list price and could "get a lot more".

In my scenarios, these tend to be sellers who are not collectors and just want rid of the big hulking behemoth in their garage or basement. They don't understand condition vs pricing, nor did they care enough to learn before dropping it on Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace with a $500 price tag and a 'as is, first come first serve' description. But these petty spoilers, often self-imposed know-it-all's who likely don't even own any cabinets, will comment 'worth triple that' on a FB ad with no justification and horrible grammar and ruin it for everyone else. Or, I'll hear from a Craigslist seller after sending them an "I'll take it" message that they were told by some rando that couldn't pay the $500 asking price to begin with that they should really be selling it for $1200 anyway.

It's one thing when someone is openly asking for a fair asking price/offer, but to spoil someone else's chance to purchase at a decent rate just because you can't afford it or have an agenda to make more on your own future sales is garbage. I abhor social media enough to begin with, but the constant "That half-empty Dragon's Lair cab should be $6k easy" from Jack in New Mexico who hates the site of his own face so much he uses a picture of an anime character for his profile photo, Ok, rant over lol.