My mom has a Toyota Sienna that she believes is 2012. I just found this video here on youtube of a 2011 one that shows the dimensions of the back with the seats out:

And it clearly looks big enough to transport a cabinet in there as it's about 96x48x40.

I am interested in this Maximum Force cabinet that is about an hour away from me and was thinking of borrowing it from her to try and get this cabinet.

I'm just wondering if anyone has transported a game in the back of a van and if so, did everything go smoothly? I was thinking if I do that I would put cardboard down just so the back doesn't get scratched to shit when putting it in. And I am assuming to put it back down with screen side up as the best way to do it? I am also wondering how easy/hard it is to get it in/out of the van since it's not like a pickup truck where you can just stand up inside of the bed to push it and move it around.

Anyone done this before and if so, any pointers or pros/cons about doing it this way?