Bought one of these to test with my PSC and BleemSync v1.2 on the OTG port.
The big problem was the hub always connected at the 12mps (usb v1.1) transfer rate. Both to the host and to the peripheral (flash drive in this case). Connections should of been at 480mps. The hub IC is made my Alcor.
12mps is OK for keyboards, mice, wireless network adapters, etc., but NOT OK for a mass storage device like a flash drive. And this explains the slow loading of BleemSync initially.
So, I connected the hub to my Amazon Fire TV Stick and Google 2013 Tablet and got the same results using AIDA64 as the information provider.
I'm always leary about cheap electronics from China. Perhaps the $5.77 price explains it all. I would not be surprised at all if the Alcor hub IC is counterfeit.
Therefore, I can not recommend this OTG hub.

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