So if I went camping for example and played a week's worth of progress of FF7 on my phone emulator and came home, is there a way to put those save files back on my modded classic?
I checked out the save files for epsxe and they save as .mcr so I couldn't just drop those into the game/.pcsx/memcards because the save files for bleem are .mcd and .bak . So I tried opening my .mcr file in memorycardrex and then re saving as .mcd and then replacing the save file on my bleem usb stick and that didn't work. So then I tried using the retroarch emulator for android thinking that maybe because it's retroarch/bleem they may share the same file type but the retro arch emulator with all 3 different PSX cores save as .srm. so I'm out of ideas and was wondering if anyone could help me crack this.

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