Hello all, I have finally purchased a PSC.
If I want to:

  • no OTG cable
  • no USB drive
  • only PSX games
  • all in internal memory
  • "smooth" out jaggies in 3D games
  • both controllers connected at the same time

What are my options?
I read that there is a program that is able to remove all internal games and replace with my own BIN/CUE. However, does this means that it will be using the internal emulator, and will there be access to retroarch settings?
I'm okay with the limited storage of the internal memory, not intending to install a lot of games.
As for "no OTG or USB", I just wanted to minimize the amount of hardware. Coz I will be leaving my PSC "in the open", I do not wish a kid to plug out the USB drive or something similar.
I'm trying to set this up with as simple as possible.
Thank you very much :)

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