The amount of time it takes to get games on the ps classic with bleemsync 1.2 is insane. Unless I am doing something wrong...
All of my games are cue/bin.

  1. what is the fastest way to convert many games to BIN from ECM. Ive got a windows tool but this does 1 game at a time. is there something better?

2 Once converted... is there any easier way to transfer multiple cue/bin games to ps classic? I cannot put more than 1 game at a time to the transfer folder because obviously there is a name conflict as ALL games have the same data.bin file.... Is there a way to dump a ton of games onto ps classic all at once?

  1. What the heck do you do with APE files? I heard you need to convert them to Wav?

What software are you all using for this. The amount of effort required to take a single game, convert ECM.bin to BIN, then put that on the usb, then put into ps one classic and reboot to add it... and rinse and repeat.... its just too much.
Any thoughts?

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