Today Bandai Namco sent in a press release with a new gallery of screenshots of the upcoming superhero action fighting game My Hero One’s Justice 2.
This time around we get the reveal of Mirio Togata, who appears alongside two returning characters. Those are All Might and Tomura Shigaraki.
Here’s what Bandai Namco has to say about Mirio.
“Mirio’s quirk – Permeation – makes him intangible and allows him to phase through solids, which adds a new layer of complexity to the dynamic combat of My Hero One’s Justice 2.”
Check out the gallery below.
Incidentally, if the title of the game rings a bell but sounds weird, it’s because the original name is My Hero Academia One’s Justice 2. Like for the first game, Bandai Namco had to cut the “academia” in the west, likely for licensing reasons.
If you’d like to see more of My Hero One’s Justice 2, you can enjoy the first announcement trailer and the second one, showing a bit of gameplay.
The game is coming for PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC to North America and Europe in 2020.
If you’re not familiar with the franchise, this is the second game of the series. Its predecessor is alrwady available and you can read our review to find out whether it’s any good or not.
The original manga by K?hei Horikoshi has been serialized since 2014 on Weekly Shonen Jump, and as usual it has sparked anime TV series, OVA, theatical films, and light novels.
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