The 8bitdo adapter when paired in X-Input mode with the Translucent Crystal DS4 V2 (lightbar on touchpad) produces frequent input glitches. It will work perfectly for long stretches and then suddenly button mappings will go haywire. Directional inputs will repeat rapidly and infinitely, like a turbo controller, making menu navigation impossible. Some buttons will no longer respond. After a short time it might go back to normal, or not. It's very inconsistent so it was hard to pin down.
The solution is easy: try a different DS4. After troubleshooting this shit for far too long, I tried pairing my regular matte black DS4 V2 with the 8bitdo and I've had zero glitches after hours of testing over the past few days. I tried going back to my Crystal DS4 again just now and instantly the controls went insane.
At first I thought it was Autobleem, or Retroboot, or the stock PSC, but the same glitches occured in all three. I finally settled on Retroboot 0.9 and thought maybe some .cfg files in the autoconfig folder were conflicting. Deleted all but one .cfg and still got the glitches.
As far as I can tell, the 8bitdo adapter has a serious problem translating inputs from the Crystal DS4 V2. If nobody else has this problem maybe it's specifically my controller or adapter, but I hope 8bitdo can fix this via a future firmware update. I'm just posting this in case it helps anyone since I spent a ridicuous amount of time narrowing it down.
Just try a different DS4 and save yourself hours of grief.

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