Probably pretty obvious but i can spare you the math and some of the less foreseeable bits if it's helpful. On the whole I'm not sure it'll be appreciated by my kids any more than a couple nintendo switches, but - if i'm ever back there I think I'd be happier with this solution. I love the screen, and the speakers pointed in the back are pretty quiet observed from the driver seat.

Tools needed:

  • Heavy pliers $25
  • Measuring tape $10
  • Upholstery cleaner $10 (if youre going to photograph it, trust me your cars filthy :))

I basically just measured some aluminum bar to about 4 inches beyond the length of the inner two most headrest mounting posts. I bent the ends about 300 degrees with heavy pliers and placed the headrest posts in the piece of aluminum that i bent over on the ends. To hold the screen on the bar I used mirror/picture hooks. I had to snip one end and use a drill to widen the hole that'd be flush with the back to make the hooks work. Last was wrapping the console on the back and wrapping wires next to the bar with the velcro strap, and tucked wires into/near/around headrest or center console to keep them out of sight.

  • Space between seats and the width of the tv required 90 degree hdmi and usb adaptors so cables don't destroy the ports flexing too hard against them
  • Probably better solutions for portability and cable management but some velcro strap was adequate for everything i care about

What I fd up:

  • Just slightly overbent the aluminum between the headrests on one side, so its not completely permanent, but more than strong enough to hold up a 10 ounce console and some wires.

Verdict: I've wanted multiplayer retro gaming for long road trips since I was a kid and had to settle for looking out of the car windows at the world around me, reading books, listening to music and fighting with my brother. Glad to finally scratch this itch. For now - it looks like garbage in my front seat :) but - with a lil more polish and some good situations to test this rig out with, I'm pretty sure I made a reasonable use of time and money here.

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