So, the PS1 side of things is working perfectly on my PS Classic running BleemSync. Both Retroarch and the Roulette menu show everything, and load everything. But for some reason, Retroarch does not detect any ROMS I add for any of my other systems. I've verified they're in the correct folder, and I have installed the cores, but Retroarch is just not seeing any of them. They're all unzipped, but SNES, NES, Genesis, N64, Dreamcast, whatever - when I browse to the folder I pasted the ROMS into, Retroarch displays it as empty. 0 items are in the folder. However, if I plug my USB drive back into my computer, they're all still there, clear as day. Does anyone know why this is?
Also, because I'm sure it'll come up, I can't switch to Autobleem due to controller mapping reasons. Sorry, guys.

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