Looking thru my inventory and selling what is no longer needed or I dont have time for.

Street Fighter 2 World Warrior CPS1 - Color issue
110.00 shipped

Midway Galaga PSU - untested
25.00 shipped

Neo Geo 1 slot - RAM Error
30.00 shipped

Taito F3 Motherboard with Bust A Move cart - 100% works
Very good candidate for a DarkSoft F3 multi
210.00 shipped

1 Pandora box with power issues (JAMMA doesnt stay intact on harness)
30.00 shipped

PI to JAMMA converter board (has knobs for sound/ includes ribbon & harness cables)
includes Raspi - never got around to testing this
130.00 shipped

if you buy things in bulk i will work out a deal.
or buy all for 465.00 shipped.

will post pictures later tonight.