I've seen a lot of mutilated multi kits around here caused by failed key writing wire installs. I don't want to see that anymore so I decided to design a little quick solder board to make it easy to install key writing wires without risking the fragile pads on the multi kit. This QSB uses J4 as an anchor for the JST NH connector that the key writing wires will connect to. This way no physical strain is placed on the pads of the Multi Kit.

Installation instructions:

  • Solder the 6 pin JST NH connector and the 2x6 2.54mm header to the QSB.
  • insert the protruding pins of the 2x6 header into the top of the hole pattern for J4 on the Multi kit and solder the header pins in place from the bottom side of the multi kit. Make sure the QSB board is flush with the multi kit pcb.
  • Add solder into the 2 holes on the right side of the QSB making a connection to the pads for SWD6 and SWD7.
  • Attach the QSB to CN9 on the B board using a 6 pin JST NH terminated cable. For B boards without CN9 you just solder the wires to CN2 just like a normal key writing install.

Get the Gerbers on OSHPark.

I'm having a batch of these made at the moment also so I'll update the thread when I get them. I will have some extra that I can sell for anyone who needs one.