People have been bumping an outdated thread, so I thought we could use a dedicated place for promo codes and sales. They seem to run new promos every couple of days.

Promo codes for existing customers:
SUNNY7 - 7% off any digital gift card. Max savings of $15. 1 Use per household. Expires 8/23

Promo codes for NEW customers:
40RAISEAF - $10 off $40+ orders
RAISE75AF - $5 off $75+ orders

Some examples of savings during a 7% off sale:
$25 PSN $20.02
$25 Xbox $20.69
$35 Eshop $29.63
Your savings will vary depending on the sale.

Direct links to gift cards:
Nintendo Eshop
Playstation Network

About: is a popular online gift card reseller where you can buy discount gift cards of all types, even video game currency. Most gift cards are digital delivery and will show up in your account once your order has been verified. If you are a new user, this may take a few hours.

Referrals will get you an extra $5 off: offers a generous referral program. Sign up for Raise using a referral link and both you and the person who referred you will get $5 in Raise Cash. Raise Cash can be combined with promo codes for even more savings. There is no need to ask for a referral, just check the Referral Central part of the forum to find numerous people posting their referral links.

Do not clutter this thread with referral links. There is a specific part of the forum called Referral Central for referral links so please post them there.

Raise offers a 1 year money back guarantee.
If there is a problem with your gift card you can email or call them at (888) 578-8422
Monday - Friday: 8am - 7pm CT or Saturday: 9am - 5pm CT
I'll tell you what I have told others:
Spoiler Most people will not have any problems with their purchases, but Raise is a gift card reseller, so people sell them gift card codes and they resell them to you. If that person was trying to scam Raise they could redeem the code themselves, or continue selling it on to other sites leaving the customer with a bad code. It's the nature of such a business, but Raise does have checks in place to minimize this type of activity. They also have a 1 year money back guarantee. If you get a bad code they will refund you in full. You can take steps to safeguard yourself by using your gift card as soon as possible, or adding the code to your video game wallet where it will be safely stored until you are ready to use it.

1. Using the app will allow you to pay with Paypal and will even reserve the card in your cart for 10 minutes. This is extremely helpful during popular sales. On the app, the enter promo code section is a little easy to miss, it's right under the word Subtotal in the shopping cart.

2. Gift cards, especially eshop, will go in and out of stock all day so keep checking back.

3. If you are trying to check out and you keep getting redirected back to your cart it means someone has already purchased that gift card. You need to remove any sold out gift cards before you can proceed with your purchase. Try checking out using the Raise app where it will reserve your cart contents for 10 minutes.

4. Seemingly at random, or perhaps if there is a discrepancy between your account and credit card/paypal details, your order may need to be manually verified. Just call raise customer service to unlock your account and get it straightened out.
Raise customer service number is (888) 578-8422. If you call during business hours and it tells you the phones are down, it just means they are busy. Try calling again in a few minutes.

Expired promo codes:
Spoiler MIDSUMMER - 7% off all orders. Maximum savings $15. Expires July 26th at 11:59 PM CST
THREEOFFGMYR7Q - 3% off. This code has reached its redemption limits.
FLASH- August 16th only. 1x use code. Extra 5-10% off clearance gift cards (7% extra off Eshop. 5% extra off Gamestop)