Hi guys, I've been getting into reviving and re-selling a lot of PS1's lately, getting them from yard sales or flea markets as you guys over in America would call them and just generally cleaning them up and fixing simple things like a sticking eject buttons, or just buying the necessary cables.
In my local area, chipped PS1's are really popular and I get a lot of demand for them so I wanted to give it a try and install one myself.
I heard that the SCPH 1000 models are the easiest to mod but I've had about 15 PS1's so far and have not come across that one yet
For a complete beginner such as myself, is there a model which is the second easiest?
Which mod chip would you recommend? MM3 seems to be the most popular to buy on the UK eBay
Also, would I be okay just to use a soldering iron, or would I need extras like soldering flux to decrease my chances of fucking up?
Thank you in advance

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